The company is one of the most important operations in the (CIS-Interport-Vulcano Buono) involving the production and sales of menswear.
With an area of 6000 sq. meters and 50 years of experience in the field, and with more than 1.000.000 garments sold per year, 5000 clients in 10 countries served each year and 4 lines of menswear, these are just some of our numbers.

In this long time together we'd like to thank all our partners, friends, agents and suppliers which enabled us to get this far. But we know the road is still long and certainly not easy, for this we seek for new challenges and new goals. Because we like things hard.

"Let me look to the past to thank my great-grandfather Stefano, hemp's cloth producer, my grandfather Giuseppe, cloth merchant, and especially my father Stefano, textile entrepreneur and founder of the Stecim. So, with a look to the past and one to the future, we take the road to the third millennium with those who believe in us."

Bruno Cimmino

The company produces 4 lines of menswear:

andrea ardenti is a line of high quality garments manufactured entirely in Italy.

blooker is a clothing line of Anglo-American inspiration the proposes a men's total look.

funky night is a line of young and trendy fashion.

goose & gander is a high quality sportswear line, sales available since 2014.